The Community Award celebrates British Columbians who go above and beyond in their dedication and service to others. It honours individuals who devote their time and energy to making their communities more caring, dynamic, beautiful, healthy and inclusive. 


The nominee’s contributions must have taken place in British Columbia either through volunteer or professional work in areas including, but not limited to: 

  • Arts and Culture 
  • Business Innovation 
  • Civic Duty/Public Service 
  • Communications/Media 
  • Education
  • Environment/Conservation 
  • Healthcare 
  • Multiculturalism 
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports and Recreation 
  • Volunteer Service 
  • Youth or Seniors' Leadership 

Why Nominate 

The Award program provides an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the transformative efforts of individuals who raise the quality and character of their community and, in doing so, inspire others to do the same. Any person, group or organization may submit nominations.

Who is Eligible 

  • Any current or former long-term resident of British Columbian 

 Who/What is Not Eligible

  • A person who is a member of the judiciary 
  • A sitting elected federal, provincial or municipal representative 
  • Posthumous nominations 
  • Self-nominations  
  • Nominations from immediate family members
  • Nominations of groups (three or more people) or organizations

Selection of Awardees  

An independent jury of community leaders from throughout British Columbia reviews the nominations and selects the awardeesThe decision of the independent jury is final. 

Recognition of Awardees  

Awardees are recognized at a formal ceremony held in Victoria. The Lieutenant Governor and a representative of the BC Achievement Foundation are invited to present the awardees with the BC Achievement Medallion, designed by renowned First Nations artist Robert Davidson, along with a certificate, lapel pin and letter from the Premier of BC recognizing their achievements.  

Dates to Remember 

  • December 1, 2021 – Nominations OPEN 
  • January 31, 2022 – Nominations CLOSE 
  • May 2022 - Awardees ANNOUNCED 

All nominations must be submitted online by January 31, 2022 (all materials must be received by 11:59 pm). 

Rescission of an Awardee's Recognition

How to Nominate/Apply

Complete the online Nomination form and submit the following information: 

  • Nomination Letter from the nominator detailing the contributions of the nominee and reasons for the nomination (500 word maximum). 
  • A brief Biographical Overview of the nominee (250 word maximum); it should be an outline/summary of the nominee’s background information as it relates to the nomination; or a copy of the nominee’s resumé (Note: the nominee's resumé does not have to fall within the 250 word limit).
  • Two Letters of Support for the nominee from other individuals or organizations that describe the value and impact of the nominee’s contributions. Support letters should come from outside the nominee’s immediate family (500 word maximum per letter).
  • Optional: include up to a maximum of five additional materials (ten pages maximum) about the nominee (i.e. letters, awards, newspaper clippings, YouTube & website links, etc.).

Letters should be addressed to 'the Selection Committee'.

Visit Resources to download the guide for the Community Award program, “Tips for a Compelling Nomination”

Please note: 

  • Incomplete nominations are ineligible for consideration.  
  • Nominations are valid for three years including the first year of nomination and two subsequent years and should be updated annually by request of the nominator. 
  • Nominations are kept confidential between the nominator and BC Achievement. 
  • Nominees are notified only if selected for an award. 

1. What should be said in a Nomination Letter?
The Nomination Letter should be expansive about the contributions of the nominee; the length of time the nominee has contributed; and how important the contribution is to the community (500 word maximum). Please visit our Resources page for additional tips.

2. To whom should Nomination and Letters of Support be addressed?
Letters should be addressed to the Selection Committee.

3. What should a letter of support contain?
A letter of support should indicate: the relationship between the author and the nominee and the length of the relationship; details about the nominator’s knowledge of the nominee’s contribution and their impact on the community (500 word maximum).

4. Can more than two letters of support be submitted?
The nominator has the option to submit additional materials (up to a maximum of five, 10 pages total).

5. Are congratulatory letters from other programs accepted in the nomination package?
Other congratulatory letters may be included as additional material but they may not serve as letters of support. Letters of support must be current and be specific to the nomination for the Community Award.

6. Is a nomination package considered for more than one year?
Submitted nomination packages begin a three-year program, during which time the information can be reviewed by up to three juries. Nominators are given the opportunity to update their nomination each year prior to review by the jury.

7. Are contributions that occur outside of British Columbia recognized?
The Community Award is designed for contributions made in British Columbia.

8. Should the nominator tell the nominee about the nomination?
Generally, the nominee is not told of the nomination though in some cases it happens when the nominator requires biographical information, for example, from the nominee.

9. When are awardees notified and where are the names of the awardees published?
Awardees are notified by mid-March. Their names are published on BC Achievement’s website and social media channels.

10. Is it possible to nominate a group or organization?
These awards are designed to recognize individuals or two-person partnerships. Nominations of groups (3+ people) are not eligible.


Nominations Open:
December 1, 2021
Nominations Close:
January 31, 2022

Awardees Announced:
May 2022


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The Community Award is the cornerstone of BC Achievement’s mission to honour excellence and inspire achievement in the province of BC. The program recognizes the contributions of extraordinary British Columbians who build better, stronger, more resilient communities and shine as examples of dedication and service.

Congratulations to the 2021 Awardees! Click here for the press release.

BC Achievement is pleased to recognize the recipients of the 2021 Community Award through the #shinethelightbc campaign. It is through their contribution that BC Achievement continues to elevate excellence, share success and inspire change.

We need to continue the great work we are doing. We need to lead by example and know that our actions affect many lives. It is important to acknowledge excellence in the community, to bring attention to the good work being done and inspire others to do the same. Our work is far from over, what we have accomplished has made a huge impact on our communities. We need to put our heads down roll our sleeves up and continue to make a difference to motivate and inspire others to do the same.

2021 Mitchell Awardee, Amber Anderson C.C.C.
2021 Community Award

2021 Mitchell Award:

  • Amber Anderson C.C.C. »

    As the Executive Director of Hope Action Values Ethics (H.A.V.E.) Culinary Training Society, Amber has impacted countless lives. In 2007, Amber was asked to develop a school and cafe in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to offer culinary training to some of…

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