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The Community Award is the cornerstone of BC Achievement’s mission to honour excellence and inspire achievement in the province of BC. The program recognizes the contributions of extraordinary British Columbians who build better, stronger, more resilient communities and shine as examples of dedication and service.

Congratulations to the 2021 Awardees! Click here for the press release.

BC Achievement is pleased to recognize the recipients of the 2021 Community Award through the #shinethelightbc campaign. It is through their contribution that BC Achievement continues to elevate excellence, share success and inspire change.

We need to continue the great work we are doing. We need to lead by example and know that our actions affect many lives. It is important to acknowledge excellence in the community, to bring attention to the good work being done and inspire others to do the same. Our work is far from over, what we have accomplished has made a huge impact on our communities. We need to put our heads down roll our sleeves up and continue to make a difference to motivate and inspire others to do the same.

Photo Gallery - 2021 Community Awardees