The BC Achievement Foundation is committed to protecting individual privacy and will responsibly manage personal information it receives. 


BC Achievement collects and maintains personal information for the purposes of nominations, and activities and communications related to BC Achievement activities including, for example, calls for nominations, award announcements, programs, exhibits, events and fundraising. 

BC Achievement restricts its collection of personal information to information necessary and reasonable for BC Achievement purposes.  


Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact that individual. Personal information does not include the name, position name or title, telephone number, address, business email and other business contact information of an individual, or any publicly-available information such as information available from a public telephone directory or registry or through an internet search. 


Personal information provided to BC Achievement is used and stored in compliance with British Columbia’s Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA). Anyone uploading materials to our website understands and agrees that BC Achievement stores the materials in our database, located on a server that is hosted in Canada.  


BC Achievement protects personal information using security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. It will take reasonable measures to protect personal information against such risks as loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use modification or destruction. 


BC Achievement considers that it has the implied consent of the nominee, through the nominator, for the collection, use and disclosure of information provided to BC Achievement by the nominator.  

BC Achievement will not disclose personal information without consent and does not rent, sell or trade personal data. Only BC Achievement staff and the selection committee have access to personal information. BC Achievement will put selection committee members on notice of this policy. 


BC Achievement may take steps to ensure that personal information provided to it is accurate and complete as is necessary for the purposes which it was collected, used or disclosed. It is each individual’s responsibility to contact BC Achievement to keep personal information accurate and up to date. 


On making a nomination or submission, the nominator grants BC Achievement a full and fully sub-licensable licence to reproduce, publish, distribute and display the submitted materials, in whole or in part, including for promotional or marketing purposes; and to allow third parties to publish this content where they do so in association with us. 

BC Achievement reserves the right to use all images generated by or submitted to it, in any media, for promotional and editorial use. Use of materials in this capacity will not infringe copyright or entitle the copyright owner to payment. If known, photographers will be credited. 


BC Achievement will make information available to individuals concerning its policies and practices that apply to the management of such individual’s personal data. BC Achievement will inform such individuals, upon written request and with appropriate notice, of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information and will provide access to it in accordance with law. 

BC Achievement maintains procedures to receive and respond to complaints or enquiries about its policies and procedures related to personal information. An individual may address any questions or issues concerning their personal information or this policy to BC Achievement’s designated Privacy Officer. 


Cathryn Wilson, Executive Director, is the designated Privacy Officer of BC Achievement. 


Cathryn Wilson, Executive Director 
604-261-9777 ext. 101 
602-999 Canada Pl   
Vancouver, BC  V6C 3E1