Angelika & Peter Langen

Smithers, British Columbia

Angelika and Peter have dedicated their lives to wildlife rehabilitation, public education and ongoing research for the betterment of both the wildlife and the public. Their work benefits not just their local community of Smithers, but the entire province and beyond. Initially funding it themselves, Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter (NLWS) has been a registered charity since 2001. NLWS garnered a huge amount of attention in the news and on social media, culminating in the development of the television series Wild Bear Rescue. In addition to public-facing activities they have worked with government officials to collect valuable scientific information about the animals and hosted graduate students working on wildlife biology. Their contributions to the scientific community have been extremely important and rewilding animals around the world has been more developed thanks to their efforts.


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(We) think it is empowering to others to see what difference can be made when one applies him/herself to a cause. By publicly acknowledging these people (that often work tirelessly in the background), they get credit for the difference they make. It also brings further awareness to various causes. (We have) young people in the wings to take over when we have to step aside, and hope that the future will see acceptance of rewilding programs in our government wildlife management practices.