Cheryl Young

Aldergrove, British Columbia

Cheryl is the founder and Executive Director of the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation, an organization that she initiated in the absence of any organization or group focused on people with Fibromyalgia. An often-misunderstood disease, Fibromyalgia can be emotionally and physically debilitating. An incredibly determined woman, Cheryl typically donates 2000 hours annually to the cause while battling Fibromyalgia herself. Her biggest accomplishments for the organization include a Supportive Work Program and the Supportive Living Program; two initiatives that support sufferers by giving them flexible work opportunities and secure living arrangements. Cheryl also led the Walk to Banff, a significant fundraising endeavour in 2016, and met with community leaders, supporters and sufferers in an effort to raise the level of awareness about Fibromyalgia.



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The more acknowledgement a person gets, the more aware the general public will become of the foundation or who they are volunteering for. I would like to see the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation continue with the work put into it for the past 15 years until the Housing Project is established with a younger board of Directors leading the way.