Lurana Kikuko (Kikko) Tasaka

Vancouver, British Columbia

Lurana (Kikko) has been a dedicated volunteer committed to helping vulnerable seniors for more than 25 years. As a child whose family was interned in Greenwood, following displacement from Steveston in 1943, she subsequently devoted herself to caring for others. Today Kikko is the driving force behind seniors care at the Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi). Firstly, as a staff member for ten years, then as a volunteer for the last 20 years, Kikko has devoted herself to supporting seniors who were either alone or isolated due to language and cultural barriers. She is also an enthusiastic fundraiser for community organizations and her church, ensuring funds are available to assist seniors in need. Kikko’s motivation, determination, passion and commitment to helping seniors have sustained Tonari Gumi which now has more than 300 members and over 200 volunteers.



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It is so very important to me that the public is aware that there are many people making a difference. This, I feel, is a good way to give people the incentive to do what they can to volunteer and support wherever they can, be it churches, non-profit organizations, government organizations, wherever there is a need…setting good examples and being good role models for the young.