Zeba Khan

Vancouver, British Columbia

At just 24-years old, Zeba is an inspiring example of young leadership, vision and generosity. While studying for her Bachelor of Neuroscience at UBC, Zeba dedicated countless hours towards causes that resonated deeply. A staunch believer in equal access to healthcare for all, Zeba advocates for free access to menstruation care supplies. As the founder of Free Periods Canada, Zeba and her team have distributed over 20,000 menstrual supplies across Canada. Zeba is a research assistant at the Contraception & Abortion Research Team (CART) at UBC and a board member of Options for Sexual Health and is working with these two groups to evaluate sexual and reproductive health care access needs of immigrant youth in BC. Through her World Awareness Initiative Foundation, Zeba provides a platform for young leaders and activists to work together. It’s through this initiative that she will inspire the generation to come.


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Free Periods Canada is a grassroots organization that promotes access to menstrual health education and supplies. We are excited to grow our impact by creating spaces for more collaboration and integrating a tech platform into our advocacy work which will make it easier for menstrual health advocates, businesses, researchers to find, connect and learn from each other.