Norah Flaherty

Vancouver, British Columbia

With tenacity and a clear sense of purpose, Norah has spent over two decades, working to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to education, social services, employment and opportunities for recreation and socialization. Focusing her efforts on youth and young adults with disabilities, Norah has served multiple organizations, volunteering her time generously and effectively. Since 2014 Norah has worked towards increasing financial freedom for people with disabilities through her leadership role with the BC Registered Disability Savings Plan Action Group. She has also volunteered her time to Community Living BC, the Canucks Autism Network, BC Partners in Workforce Innovation, the BC Ministers Council on Employment and Accessibility, and many more. Whether she’s volunteering in an advisory role, as a committee member, representative or leader, Norah advocates to increase opportunity and accessibility for the people she serves. A guiding light for those who work to support diversity and inclusion, the scope of Norah’s work is truly inspirational.


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Doing everything on your own is good, but leading others into community service is always best. With this, we build capacity in the community, allowing others to lead and bring in more people. The result is a strong community with engaged members (in which) everyone benefits and the community is strengthened and, hopefully, will endure.