Kalwinder (Kal) Dosanjh

Surrey, British Columbia

As a Detective with the Vancouver Police Department, Kal has spent considerable time serving Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside area. During patrol duties Kal was exposed to the challenging realities faced by the community. This experience led him to create the Kids Play Youth Foundation, a non-profit that gives kids the opportunity to become involved in sports and other recreational activities. By creating constructive outlets, building a sense of belonging and self worth, Kids Play steers kids away from a lifestyle of drugs, gangs and violence. The Foundation has also developed after school mentorship programs with the Surrey and Langley school districts. Since its launch in 2015, more than 60,000 kids have accessed Kids Play. Without question Kal’s vision is helping to reshape a community while building and lifting up a generation.


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Community service requires a significant investment of personal time and energy, towards a greater purpose. It takes unprecedented resolve to break down barriers, and face adversity to bring social change, and make a difference. (It is) a great honour is to stand amongst remarkable recipients that demonstrate an unparalleled passion and commitment to help others through their respective work.