The Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design (Carter Wosk Award) celebrates British Columbians whose work directly contributes to the cultural and economic fabric of the province. Their creative innovation serves to enhance day-to-day life for individuals, enrich society as a whole and strengthen the economy.

What is considered Applied Art

Artists and designers whose work has a practical or functional application can be considered for this award. This includes, but not limited to, furniture, textiles, jewellery, ceramics, weaving, glass, fashion, and industrial design.

Why Nominate / Apply

The Carter Wosk Award advances the collective conversation around functional art and design. Applying for an award serves as a platform to communicate an artist’s work, vision and creativity. The process invites an opportunity for critical artistic reflection and exposes artists and designers to a wider audience.

Who is Eligible

• The nominee must have been a resident of BC for the past three years.
• Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.
• Posthumous nominations are not eligible.
• The fields of architecture, fine art, graphic or interior design are not eligible.

Selection of Awardees

Selections are based on the nomination package and the criteria of excellence, creativity, originality, innovative approach, and aesthetics. The Award is adjudicated by an independent jury panel of experts in the field of Applied Art and Design. The decision of the independent jury is final.

Recognition of Awardees

• Up to three artists are awarded $2500 at a private presentation ceremony.
• The work of the successful awardees is featured in a multi-day curated exhibition open to the public and presented in partnership with the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre.

 Dates to Remember

  • June 3, 2020 – Nominations OPEN
  • July 15, 2020 – Nominations CLOSE

Nominations must be submitted online by July 15, 2020 (all materials must be received by 11:59 pm).

Complete the online Nomination form and submit the following information:

Artist’s Statement

  • Describe why the nominee should be considered for the award and (maximum 500 words).
  • Address what makes their work unique/interesting; how it contributes to the cultural economy of BC; who or what has influenced the nominee; why the jury should select the nominee.
  • Describe the nominee as an artist and why they do the work they do.
  • If NOT a self-nomination, the nominator should write about the above on behalf of the artist and provide a description of how they know the nominee.

Artist’s Bio (maximum 500 words)

  • Address how long have they been working in their field.
  • Include their educational and professional activities, affiliations and/or significant projects, and/or resume.

Ten visuals depicting a selection of recent work

  • Submit visuals in jpg, tiff OR pdf format.
  • All images should be high resolution a minimum 1MB.

Visual List

  • For each image, please provide: title, date, medium and a short description.
  • Please ensure it is clear which image refers to which description on the visual list (name the images the same way as on the list ie. Surname, First Name Image #1).

Visit Resources to download the guide for the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design program, “Tips for a Compelling Nomination”.

Please note:

  • All nominations are valid for three years including the first year of nomination and two subsequent years and can be updated annually throughout the process.
  • Nominations are kept confidential between the nominator and BC Achievement.
  • All nominees are informed as to whether or not they have been successful with their application.

1. Can a team enter?
Yes. Nomination packages from teams with a maximum of three applied artists and designers are accepted.

2. What is the definition of “recent work?”
The independent jury prefers to view work completed in the last two to three years – they are seeking current work, rather than historical work where possible.

3. Are part-time artists eligible?
Yes, if the artist is committed to their practice; has produced a significant body of work; and is recognized by their community and peers as an artist.

4. Should a previously submitted nomination package be updated?
Yes, nominees must provide updated visuals and information reflecting their recent work annually.

5. When are awardees notified and where are the names of the awardees published?
Awardees are notified by mid-September. Their names are published on BC Achievement’s website and social media channels.

2019 Awardees

  • Morgan Mallett
  • Sholto Scruton
  • McCauley Wanner & Ryan Palibroda
  • Gordon Hutchens (Award of Distinction)

2018 Awardees

  • Afshin Mehin
  • Henry Norris
  • Claudia Schulz
  • Bill Pechet (Award of Distinction)

2017 Awardees

  • Steven Pollock
  • Anita Sikma
  • Brad Turner
  • Sam Carter (Award of Distinction)

2016 Awardees

  • Form3 Design Inc.
  • Mel Munsen
  • Lukas Peet
  • Mustang Survival (Award of Distinction)

2015 Awardees

  • Kelly Austin
  • Alastair Heseltine
  • Renee Macdonald
  • Arc'teryx (Award of Distinction)

2014 Awardees

  • Jim Barnum
  • Tania Gleave
  • Marie Khouri
  • Judson Beaumont (Award of Distinction)

2013 Awardees

  • Idar Bergseth
  • Stefanie Dueck
  • Lisa Fraser
  • Wayne Ngan (Award of Distinction)

2012 Awardees

  • Lisa Henriques
  • Mary & Sarah Schwieger
  • Christian Woo
  • Catherine Regehr (Award of Distinction)

2011 Awardees

  • Joel Berman
  • Brent Comber
  • Dina Gonzalez Mascaro
  • Shawn Place
  • Dr. R.T. Nuytten (Award of Distinction)

2010 Awardees

  • Cathi Jefferson
  • Propellor Studio
  • Natalie Purschwitz
  • Doug Simpson (Award of Distinction)

2009 Awardees

  • Judson Beaumont
  • Robert Johnston
  • Lilach Lotan
  • Karl Stittgen (Award of Distinction)

2008 Awardees

  • Omer Arbel
  • Yael Krakowski
  • Sarah Lawless
  • Kinichi Shigeno
  • Angelika Werth
  • John Fluevog (Award of Distinction)

2007 Awardees

  • Jill Allan
  • Rachelle Chinnery
  • Renata Crowe
  • Patricia Fieldwalker
  • Teale Merkeley
  • Toni Cavelti (Award of Distinction)
  • Joanna Staniszkis (Award of Distinction)

2006 Awardees

  • Niki Dun
  • Roger Goldhammer
  • Barnaby Killam & Stuart Sproule
  • Marilyn Lee
  • Katherine Soucie
  • Neils Bendtsen (Award of Distinction)
  • Martha Sturdy (Award of Distinction)

2005 Awardees

  • Erin Dolman
  • Vance Everitt
  • Jay Grandin
  • Hajnalka Mandula
  • Mark Roth


BC Achievement has many opportunities for engagement and we are actively seeking partnerships.

Please contact the Executive Director for further information.
[email protected]


Open April, 2020
Awardees Announced:
September, 2020

Art Exhibit & Presentation:
November, 2020

The Program

The Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design honours excellence in functional art and design with a practical application. It is named in honour of philanthropist Dr. Yosef Wosk and Emily Carr University of Art and Design professor emeritus Sam Carter.

Presented by BC Achievement, the Carter Wosk Award is supported by the generosity of Dr. Yosef Wosk.

Art Exhibit 

A curated, multi-day exhibition of the awardees’ work is showcased in partnership with the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre.

2019 Presentation Ceremony Photos