Gordon Hutchens

Denman Island, British Columbia

Gordon Hutchens first became intrigued with pottery at the age of 14 during a visit to Japan where he watched potters at work and saw the revered position of pottery in that culture. Following this path, Gordon studied ceramics at the University of Illinois and, for the last 46 years, he has gained a reputation as a master of his craft in British Columbia. Gordon is also an esteemed instructor sharing his knowledge throughout the province, across Canada and internationally through classes, workshops and exhibitions. Since 1999 he has taught ceramics at North Island College, School of Fine Art and Design. Based on Denman Island, Gordon produces a variety of work from sculptural to functional and utilizes an extremely broad range of techniques. His studio is open to the public where museum quality pieces among more utilitarian works can be viewed. Gordon formulates and blends all his own clay bodies using many different clays from across North America as well as clay from his own property. His work is well known for the depth and diversity of his glazes and the strength and refinement of his forms. Gordon’s pottery allows everyday objects to transcend their practical nature with magic and beauty.


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