Carter Wosk Awardees, Alleles Design Studio, make a jump into the Paralympics

With full on Olympic fever around the world, it’s hard not to watch a favourite sport or a home-town athlete perform at their best. The commitment, endurance, strength and passion of these athletes is inspiring. And there are likely a few of us who have been more motivated than before to run a little further, attempt a somersault or to swim a faster lap.  

While the Olympics are exciting to watch, it’s the Paralympic Games running from August 24 – September 5, we’ll be keeping a close eye on. That’s where we hope to watch inspiring athletes compete at a more challenging level. And this year we’ll be watching for athletes sporting fashion-forward prosthetic covers custom designed for them by Alleles. 

Alleles is a Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design alumni from 2019 known for the durable ABS plastic prosthetic leg covers that are lightweight, flexible and modifiable. Owners and designers McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda of Victoria, BC have been busy designing and manufacturing covers for athletes from a wide variety of sports, some of whom we hope to see during the Games.  

They are currently working on a set for Canadian rugby player Zak Madell of Alberta, a two-time Paralympian who is scheduled to complete in Wheelchair Rugby this month. Watch for him and others wearing these stylish covers and let us know if you spot designs from these award-winning BC designers at the 2021 Paralympic Games. 

To learn more about Alleles check out their profile at or watch this CBC produced video on YouTube or visit their website at

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Ay Lelum’s regalia designs inspire at Chancellor Sayer’s swearing in ceremony

Kekinusuqs, Dr. Judith Sayers was officially sworn in as Vancouver Island University chancellor in June, in a ceremony that paid tribute to VIU’s commitment to reconciliation and reflected the culture of the Coast Salish.  

Judith is President of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council and a long time Indigenous rights and sustainable development advocate. She is also an active board member of the BC Achievement Foundation and has helped develop BC’s first Reconciliation Award, launched less than a year ago by BC Achievement and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. 

The swearing in ceremony was held outdoors on the Good family property, with Snuneymuxw First Nation members and councillors present to witness the event, along with the many who watched the event online. Joining Judith was VIU President Dr. Deborah Saucier, who was installed in the Snuneymuxw First Nation longhouse in November 2019. 

The Good family has more connections to the ceremony than just the land they were gathered on. Ay Lelum – The Good House of Design, designed and produced new ceremonial regalia for both Chancellor Sayers and President Saucier. These included a custom cape, headband and frontlet for each. 

Ay Lelum, awardees of the Indigenous Business Award in 2018 are sisters, Aunalee Boyd-Good and Sophia Seward-Good and they are a second-generation Coast Salish Design House from Nanaimo.  

“These regalia fuse the formality of traditional convocation ceremony robes with beautiful elements of Coast Salish art, culture, history and tradition. It’s an honour and a privilege to be involved in this monumental, historical and ground-breaking project.” said Aunalee. 

Ay Lelum design and produce clothing and fabric patterns featuring traditional Coast Salish Art. The regalia design and production was managed by Aunalee and Sophia, lead design was by their mother, Sandra Moorhouse-Good, the frontlets and button fasteners were carved by their father William Good and their brother Joel Good, and the headbands were woven by their niece Thea Harris – making this a true family business. 

Congratulations to Judith on her installation as Chancellor of VIU and to Ay Lelum for elevating the ceremonial regalia with their distinctive designs. 

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Sharing stories of Awardees through film

Photo: 2019 Awardee, Doreen Manuel

What does it take to tell a story? To make it compelling? To truly reflect the voice of its subject? To inspire others by its message? 

Well, a whole lot goes into creating a film that does all of this. BC Achievement has been producing films on its awardees since 2006! There are close to a hundred short films you can peruse through on BC Achievement’s YouTube channel and although their style has evolved over the years, you’ll note that they all have something compelling to say. 

In her film, Doreen Manuel, Fulmer Award alumni, draws us in with her retelling of learning to bead from her grandmother. We learn what compelled Indigenous Business Awardee Nicole McLaren from selecting books by Indigenous authors for her book club, to launching a business that shares those books with people around the world. And we are inspired by the magical forest setting of ceramicist and Carter Wosk Award of Distinction alumnus, Gordon Hutchens, where he mixes colour, creates shapes and fires clay into beautiful art. 

The film production is itself a work of art and the process begins as soon as the awardees are selected by the independent jury. After contacting the awardees to let them know they have received the award, production goes into high gear. It starts with pre-interviews, securing availability for the shoot and meeting in-person with the awardee to film. Then comes collecting B-roll – images and footage that will supplement the visuals in the film. Finally, the film is edited together, music is selected, graphics are added and voilà, the film is complete. Okay, so not always as smooth as that, but we are very fortunate to work with some very talented filmmakers who make the process pretty seamless. 

Everyone has a story. BC Achievement is privileged to be able to capture it and share it for the awardees of the Fulmer Award, the Indigenous Business Award and the Carter Wosk Award of Distinction.  

Take some time to watch these films and prepare to learn something new and be inspired! 

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Saluting the nominators: thank you for leading the way

Just a few weeks ago, three of BC Achievement’s award programs closed their respective call for nominations with participation from nominators across BC. The Fulmer Award in First Nations Art closed its call for nominations on July 7 followed by the Indigenous Business Award on July 10, and the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design followed a few days later on July 14. To put it simply, those of you who made submissions, have been BUSY! 

It is these busy nominators we’d like to salute. Without your hard work – taking the time to put forth a nomination, completing the online form, requesting and gathering letters of support – these achievements would not be recognized, shared or celebrated.  

“I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to those who do nominate – for all BC Achievement’s programs. And I thank them. We need these champions who take the time to tell these stories of excellence and nominate worthy individuals and organizations…I also think that all British Columbians are pretty damn special – and need to be recognized! It is one of the hardest things to acknowledge when you’ve accomplished something notable, yet it is so important. We need to collectively blow our horns to lift up our communities. The momentum created will then take on a life of its own!” says Sophie Pierre, OC, OBCBC Achievement Board Member.  

It’s important to elevate excellence through nominations for award programs – it raises awareness of the powerful things happening in our communities and sets the path for innovation, change and leadership. Nominating an individual, artists, organizations or businesses for an award, showcases their creative initiative, their dedicated commitment to their practice, their tenacity and their excellence in their chosen field. Nominating is a great way to demonstrate respect and gratitude for someone who achieves excellence in their endeavours and whose story can inspire others through this recognition.  

What are the benefits of a successful nomination to an awardee? Most importantly, it helps raise the profile of the awardee and the community they serve. It reinforces that the awardee is on the right path, and it helps validate all the efforts they’ve put into their chosen field as being worthwhile. A successful nomination also helps share experiences with others in the field, creating role models and establishing platforms for change while bringing people together over common interests and passions. 

By recognizing the accomplishments of our province’s entrepreneurs, artists, community leaders, youth and volunteers, BC Achievement’s award programs pay tribute to exceptional people, doing exceptional work. Recognition serves as a tool that can contribute to growth and development of individuals, communities and organizations throughout the province.  

Sophie adds, “Recognizing those who rise to the top will allow others to learn from each other and adopt each other’s best practices. We tend to shy away from recognition, but it is so important as communities learn and see the benefits that come from the good work within their own communities.”  

Thank you to the nominators, the champions, who put in the time to support the work of the leaders, volunteers, makers, organizers, and doers. This province is a better place to live because of your efforts and we thank you for leading the way!  

To learn more about the programs BC Achievement offers, check out 

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The path to innovation: be part of it!

Elevating excellence to inspire achievement is a dedicated process.  Within its annual cycle, BC Achievement delivers programs showcasing the very best of this province while demonstrating what makes it great and, within that same space, how we must continually improve and inspire innovation.  

The nomination phase for three BC Achievement programs has just completed. A huge shout out to the many nominators throughout the province who took the time, identified the person and/or organization and did the submission work. Thank you for understanding the value and importance of this hard work. Thank you for leading the way.   

Now it is on to the selection phase.  The independent juries for each of the programs have a difficult, demanding and unenviable task. Nominations will be reviewed, evaluated and then collectively discussed.  Each jury runs through a vigorous selection process which culminates in face-to-face (of late, virtual) jury meeting where deliberations are lively and thorough. Awardees are selected who best reflect excellence within each program’s unique focus. Whose stories are elevated to share their success to all. Whose stories can and do inspire. 

Jury members share with us that above all their experience fills them with optimism and hope. That the privilege of reading each of the nominations teaches them of the remarkable individuals, organizations, businesses and artists who are contributing daily to the fabric of the province. From Deas Lake to Invermere, Haida Gwaii to the West Coast Trail to the Lower Mainland and every corner of this province– people are committed to building stronger, more engaged communities. BC Achievement stewards that hope and optimism into action through innovation. 

Culminating in the recognition phase, Awardees are honoured through a series of multi-channeled social media campaigns #shinethelightbc and featured through a number of recognition films which celebrate the awardees innovation, excellence and commitment. These films collectively reveal inspiring models of best practice easily accessed through BC Achievement’s website and YouTube channel. Recognition of an Awardee is the beginning of their journey with BC Achievement as they join the ranks of its valued Alumni serving as mentors and ambassadors for the best of BC. 

We look forward to sharing the 2021 awardees and their stories during the Fall campaigns. With the promise of the pandemic restrictions lifting, let’s hope we can gather and celebrate together – join us! 

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Nominations are open until July 14th for the Carter Wosk Award

Photo: furniture designed by 2020 Awardee, Jeff Martin

The Carter Wosk Award deadline to nominate is coming up on July 14. 

This program is unique in that it celebrates an often-ignored field of design when it comes to recognition. Applied artists and designers are those who create works that have a practical or functional application like a sofa for seating but which offers so much more through its design aesthetic. Or it’s that vase that holds flowers you gathered – functioning as a vessel and as a beautiful piece of art. Even non-traditional art design such as those that incorporate wearable technology like digital monitoring devices can be considered in this category.  

The Carter Wosk program is open to artist who create works that includes, but is not limited to, furniture, textiles, jewellery, ceramics, weaving, glass, fashion, and industrial design. 

The Carter Wosk program shines a light on functional art which enhances day-to-day life for individuals while enriching our collective experiences. It celebrates British Columbians whose work directly contributes to the cultural and economic fabric of the province. 

If you, or someone you know deserves recognition for their dedicated effort, expert skills and undaunted courage to create functional art, nominate them for the Carter Wosk Award. Elevate excellence and inspire achievement. 

“My favourite part about my practice today is its variety. I’m not defined by one object or technique or style, and certainly, for all the work I’ve put into it, there always seems to be so much more to learn.” 2020 Awardee, Benjamin Kikkert 

Visit to #nominatenowbc! Nominations are open until July 14. 

BC Achievement is grateful for the generosity of the Yosef Wosk Family Foundation toward the Carter Wosk Award program.  

BC Achievement: Elevate Excellence. Share Success. Inspire Change. 

Indigenous Business Award (IBA) Nomination Deadline Extended to July 10th - you asked, we listened! 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE!! and Nominate Now for the 2021 IBA and help expand the reach of the program throughout the province. Visit our website by clicking here and then scroll down (or click on the red “NOMINATE NOW” button) to view the online nomination form.   

Serving as a catalyst for change and opportunity, the Indigenous Business Award (IBA) program aims to cultivate innovation while leveraging mutual interests. Creating an authentic space where collaborative and strategic partnerships can thrive together, awardee recognition gives voice to Indigenous entrepreneurship while modelling success.   

The pandemic changed the economic landscape and Indigenous businesses throughout the province are demonstrating their respective resilience in remarkable ways.  Let’s celebrate their excellence, share their success and inspire change. #nominatenowbc! 

BC Achievement: Elevate Excellence. Share Success. Inspire Change.