Indigenous Business Award alumni, OneFeather, Launches AI Tool for First Nations’ Elections 

OneFeather, an Indigenous-owned technology company, continues to revolutionize the Indigenous experience through a unique blend of tradition and innovation. With a strong foundation in First Nations values and principles, OneFeather offers a range of digital services aimed at modern nation-building, including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement, and comprehensive banking solutions for individuals. Having already made significant strides in supporting over 190 First Nations and Métis Nations across Canada, serving a community of 230,000 members, OneFeather recently unveiled its latest tool – the Elections Estimator. 

Lawrence Lewis, the Founder of OneFeather and a member of the We Wai Kai Nation, talks about how his business has grown since receiving the Indigenous Business Award in 2020, “It was a real honour to receive the award, and since then we’ve evolved. We released online status card renewal and replacement applications in 2022, and to date, created over 34,000 applications. We’ve increased the nations we serve to more than 289 across Canada (over 30% of the population) and seen digital voting outpace other traditional forms of voting we offer, subsequently increasing voter turnout due to the benefits of convenience, carbon/ land-friendly and money-saving practises – for those on and off-reserve.  We just released the Elections Estimator tool, and we’re also currently working on direct pay solutions for the OneFeather Wallet App, which is due for an approximate summer 2024 release. It’s been busy!” 

OneFeather continues to lead the charge in defining the Indigenous experience in the digital era. Designed to assist First Nations administrators and leaders in managing upcoming elections, the Elections Estimator harnesses the power of smart technology to offer a streamlined approach to elections management, catering to the diverse needs of Indigenous communities while prioritizing sovereignty and tradition.  

Powered by advanced AI, the Elections Estimator analyzes and organizes information to generate customized election timelines and strategies tailored specifically to each First Nation’s requirements. Whether it’s managing voting events, consulting on election code reviews, or providing long-term elections management services, the tool offers invaluable support. 

The launch of the Elections Estimator represents OneFeather‘s ongoing commitment to empowering Indigenous communities and promoting sovereignty in Canada. By providing accessible, barrier-free access to essential services and rights, OneFeather is driving systemic change and paving the way for a future free from the legacies of colonialism and systemic racism. 

Through innovation, tradition, and unwavering dedication, they are planting seeds of sovereignty and reshaping the landscape of Indigenous technology for generations to come. 

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