The path to innovation: be part of it!

Elevating excellence to inspire achievement is a dedicated process.  Within its annual cycle, BC Achievement delivers programs showcasing the very best of this province while demonstrating what makes it great and, within that same space, how we must continually improve and inspire innovation.  

The nomination phase for three BC Achievement programs has just completed. A huge shout out to the many nominators throughout the province who took the time, identified the person and/or organization and did the submission work. Thank you for understanding the value and importance of this hard work. Thank you for leading the way.   

Now it is on to the selection phase.  The independent juries for each of the programs have a difficult, demanding and unenviable task. Nominations will be reviewed, evaluated and then collectively discussed.  Each jury runs through a vigorous selection process which culminates in face-to-face (of late, virtual) jury meeting where deliberations are lively and thorough. Awardees are selected who best reflect excellence within each program’s unique focus. Whose stories are elevated to share their success to all. Whose stories can and do inspire. 

Jury members share with us that above all their experience fills them with optimism and hope. That the privilege of reading each of the nominations teaches them of the remarkable individuals, organizations, businesses and artists who are contributing daily to the fabric of the province. From Deas Lake to Invermere, Haida Gwaii to the West Coast Trail to the Lower Mainland and every corner of this province– people are committed to building stronger, more engaged communities. BC Achievement stewards that hope and optimism into action through innovation. 

Culminating in the recognition phase, Awardees are honoured through a series of multi-channeled social media campaigns #shinethelightbc and featured through a number of recognition films which celebrate the awardees innovation, excellence and commitment. These films collectively reveal inspiring models of best practice easily accessed through BC Achievement’s website and YouTube channel. Recognition of an Awardee is the beginning of their journey with BC Achievement as they join the ranks of its valued Alumni serving as mentors and ambassadors for the best of BC. 

We look forward to sharing the 2021 awardees and their stories during the Fall campaigns. With the promise of the pandemic restrictions lifting, let’s hope we can gather and celebrate together – join us! 

BC Achievement: Elevate Excellence. Share Success. Inspire Change.

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