Carter Wosk Awardees, Alleles Design Studio, make a jump into the Paralympics

With full on Olympic fever around the world, it’s hard not to watch a favourite sport or a home-town athlete perform at their best. The commitment, endurance, strength and passion of these athletes is inspiring. And there are likely a few of us who have been more motivated than before to run a little further, attempt a somersault or to swim a faster lap.  

While the Olympics are exciting to watch, it’s the Paralympic Games running from August 24 – September 5, we’ll be keeping a close eye on. That’s where we hope to watch inspiring athletes compete at a more challenging level. And this year we’ll be watching for athletes sporting fashion-forward prosthetic covers custom designed for them by Alleles. 

Alleles is a Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design alumni from 2019 known for the durable ABS plastic prosthetic leg covers that are lightweight, flexible and modifiable. Owners and designers McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda of Victoria, BC have been busy designing and manufacturing covers for athletes from a wide variety of sports, some of whom we hope to see during the Games.  

They are currently working on a set for Canadian rugby player Zak Madell of Alberta, a two-time Paralympian who is scheduled to complete in Wheelchair Rugby this month. Watch for him and others wearing these stylish covers and let us know if you spot designs from these award-winning BC designers at the 2021 Paralympic Games. 

To learn more about Alleles check out their profile at or watch this CBC produced video on YouTube or visit their website at

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