Afshin Mehin

Vancouver, British Columbia
Industrial & Interaction Design

Afshin Mehin is a leader in designing smart products. Growing up in BC he was always connected to the outdoors, whether it was weekend mountain bike rides on the North Shore, summer hikes up Black Tusk, or winter ski adventures in the interior. That’s why, when he began to pursue his passion for design and technology, he naturally gravitated towards designing products that use technology that help people live more active and healthy lives. Now with his studio WOKE based in Vancouver, almost every project that the team works on is focused on making technology products that are philosophically intended to help people improve their overall well being by living more active, healthy and sustainable lives. Whether it’s designing wearable tech to help improve mindfulness or a 3d printer that recycles children’s plastic toys, he’s constantly looking at ways to use technology to help people lead healthier and happy lives.


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