Nominations are open until July 14th for the Carter Wosk Award

Photo: furniture designed by 2020 Awardee, Jeff Martin

The Carter Wosk Award deadline to nominate is coming up on July 14. 

This program is unique in that it celebrates an often-ignored field of design when it comes to recognition. Applied artists and designers are those who create works that have a practical or functional application like a sofa for seating but which offers so much more through its design aesthetic. Or it’s that vase that holds flowers you gathered – functioning as a vessel and as a beautiful piece of art. Even non-traditional art design such as those that incorporate wearable technology like digital monitoring devices can be considered in this category.  

The Carter Wosk program is open to artist who create works that includes, but is not limited to, furniture, textiles, jewellery, ceramics, weaving, glass, fashion, and industrial design. 

The Carter Wosk program shines a light on functional art which enhances day-to-day life for individuals while enriching our collective experiences. It celebrates British Columbians whose work directly contributes to the cultural and economic fabric of the province. 

If you, or someone you know deserves recognition for their dedicated effort, expert skills and undaunted courage to create functional art, nominate them for the Carter Wosk Award. Elevate excellence and inspire achievement. 

“My favourite part about my practice today is its variety. I’m not defined by one object or technique or style, and certainly, for all the work I’ve put into it, there always seems to be so much more to learn.” 2020 Awardee, Benjamin Kikkert 

Visit to #nominatenowbc! Nominations are open until July 14. 

BC Achievement is grateful for the generosity of the Yosef Wosk Family Foundation toward the Carter Wosk Award program.  

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