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Honouring excellence and inspiring achievement in First Nations Art throughout the province 

Celebrating the intersection of art and culture, while honouring First Nations artistic traditions, the program creates a platform for community engagement, mentorship and storytelling.   

With grateful thanks to The Fulmer Foundation for its generous support of the First Nations Art Program. 

Congratulations to the 2020 Awardees! Click here to read the press release.

BC Achievement is pleased to recognize the recipients of the 2020 Fulmer Award through the #shinethelightbc campaign; celebrating the awardees for their role in elevating First Nations Art in BC. It is through their contribution that BC Achievement continues to serve its mission to honour excellence and inspire achievement.

These stories have been around since the beginning of time immemorial, and we're just finding a way to articulate it to keep it relevant for everyone - that's part of our journey as artists to maintain this unbroken bond from different past generations - that's why I chose to be an artist.

Cole Speck, 2020 Crabtree McLennan Emerging Artist Awardee
2020 First Nations Art Award

2020 Award of Distinction:

  • Evelyn Vanderhoop »

    Evelyn Vanderhoop comes from a long line of Haida weavers, including her grandmother Selina Peratrovich and her mother, Delores Churchill. She has also studied weaving with Cheryl Samuel. An accomplished weaver in the Naaxiin (more commonly called Chilkat) tradition, Evelyn…

2020 Awardees:

2020 Photo Gallery