Shxwtitostel is a gift to all peoples in British Columbia as a symbol of my belief that we need to create a better understanding amongst all people that we are in the same canoe.  No matter where you are from, we all need to paddle together.”

The Honourable Steven L. Point, OBC (Xwĕ lī qwĕl tĕl)
28th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia (2007-2012)

The Honourable Steven L. Point, OBC (Xwĕ lī qwĕl tĕl)
28th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia (2007-2012)
Nominations Closed:
January 15, 2021
Awardees Announced:
Spring 2021

Awardees Honoured:

Spring 2021

BC Achievement, in partnership with The Office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, is pleased to announce the creation of the British Columbia Reconciliation Award.

This award recognizes individuals, groups and organizations who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, integrity, respect and commitment to furthering reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in the province of British Columbia, and/or inspired others to continue reconciliation efforts.

The Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia stated, “Reconciliation must take root in our hearts, within families, between generations, and throughout our communities. I look forward to supporting this award and its deeply meaningful goal of building our relationships with each other across cultures and social barriers.”

“Reconciliation builds relationships and bridges the gap between two worlds through the efforts of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. By recognizing the truths of past wrongs and showcasing examples of how to make things right, others will be inspired to follow,” said BC Achievement board member Judith Sayers.

The British Columbia Reconciliation Award draws inspiration from the work of the Honourable Steven Point, 28th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, and a founder of the Award. His hand-carved red cedar canoe, Shxwtitostel, currently on display at the BC Legislature buildings, was created as a symbol of Reconciliation, with the understanding that “we are all in the same canoe” and must “paddle together” to move forward.

“It is a very proud moment for me to witness the launch of the British Columbia Reconciliation Award,” said Point. “Our world and its issues are not apart from us but rather are a part of who we are. We must not stand by and observe the world but rather take steps to bring positive change.”

Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s nomination process.

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations are now closed for the 2021 British Columbia Reconciliation Award. No new submissions will be accepted, however, if you received a link to complete your online nomination, you may still use it to complete your submission.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

“The British Columbia Reconciliation Award will celebrate innovative and empowering ways to embark on this journey, designed and decided by Indigenous peoples, allowing them to thrive while making the world a better place." 

Judith Sayers, BC Achievement Board Member