BC Achievement Community Award – recognizing service to others #nominatenowbc

Photo: 2022 Community Award Recipient, Dr. Tracey Thorne

We at BC Achievement believe that our communities are sustained and strengthened by those among us who aspire to excellence. Our vision is to honour and inspire achievement throughout British Columbia. We do this by recognizing, celebrating and supporting outstanding British Columbians and sharing their stories. Every year we are galvanized  by the commitment of program nominees, people from across British Columbia who have taken action, driven by a desire to contribute to their communities.

On December 1st we opened nominations for the Community Award which for the past 20 years has celebrated British Columbians who go above and beyond in their dedication and service to others. It honours individuals who devote their time and energy to making their communities more caring, dynamic, beautiful, healthy and inclusive.  

2022 Community Award Recipients

We are honoured each year to shine a light on individuals who have made their communities more livable, sustaining and inclusive.  Just one example of many is 2022 Mitchell Awardee, Dr. Faisal Khosa. At the Community Award ceremony in May 2022, Dr. Khosa commented on his mission-driven sense of service: 

“All of us have a mission in life, for some of my friends it is changing the world through serving the homeless; for some, it is feeding the hungry and for some, it is giving voice to those traditionally marginalized and underrepresented. My fellow recipients are endowed with both vision and courage which gives me confidence that solutions to hunger, homelessness, and inequality will no longer be an elusive dream.”  

It is this passion and dedication that strengthens communities and deserves recognition. By providing a platform that showcases the excellence that thrives here, the BC Achievement Community Award ignites a movement that captures the best of BC and carves a path forward for others to follow. With every story shared, there is the potential for inspiration to spark elsewhere. It’s this potential and these small sparks that allow hope to rise-up within our province.  

Nominations for the 2023 BC Achievement Community Award are open December 1, 2022 until January 31, 2023  #nominatenowbc 

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