Dr. Faisal Khosa

Vancouver, British Columbia

An award-winning radiologist and scholar, Dr. Faisal Khosa excels as a clinician-scientist. His work as a mentor, educator and advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) has created a legacy for his profession and also the larger BC community. With more than 240 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, Dr. Khosa’s research has catalyzed initiatives to increase the accessibility of higher education and achievement for underrepresented students. He has created actionable guidelines for institutions in BC and Canada for the equitable inclusion of students, educators and physicians.

Dr. Khosa serves as a mentor for students belonging to underrepresented groups including female, refugee, BIPOC and those with physical and mental disabilities empowering them through hands-on EDI workshops. His purpose and dream are to ensure a level playing field and enable those who have been historically marginalized with the opportunities to shine.


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