#Shinethelightbc on BC’s Community Awardees: Ignite the spark!

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Zeba Khan

The 2021 Community Award #shinethelightbc campaign honouring the accomplishments of 25 outstanding community builders is at its midpoint and we are privileged to salute their achievements. As we emerge from the COVID circuit breaker in British Columbia after more than a year of living with the social restrictions and limits to our communal interaction it’s important we pause to reflect on the impact these remarkable individuals have on their respective communities. Their stories are varied and diverse, yet all are innovative change makers who have made a difference to the lives of others – pre-, during- and now, a soon to be post-COVID. They are models and examples of excellence in community service, and we can all learn from their example. 

We encourage you to join this conversation, celebrate the achievements of the 2021 awardees and help amplify their stories of community excellence throughout our province as we all work together for a better BC. Follow us on our social media channels and support this movement. With a mission to honour excellence and inspire achievement – we aim to create a platform where this discourse can be celebrated and acted upon. Awardees have a strong voice within this platform, and we urge you to listen and follow their lead.  

Program alumni contribute to the conversation too and provide a perspective on their own recognition, how it affects them and how it helps drive their work. Here are a few words of wisdom to consider: 

“I think we all have a responsibility to give back as well as to receive services throughout life. It is a kind of stewardship to life itself. If we can get this message out in a convincing form of communication by this important foundation, we have created others who will see community work as a reward.” Mary Ann Cooper (2020 Awardee) 

“We all know there are thousands of people across British Columbia who are also change makers in their communities. I hope we all can continue to ignite the spark within each of us to inspire the generations around us. Thank you to our wonderful nominators for sparing your time to highlight our work… Together, I know we will continue to make British Columbia the most beautiful province to live in.” Sukhmeet Singh Sachal (2019 Awardee) 

“I believe it is true that the celebration of something is also the encouragement of it…but even more grateful than our shared goal — of creating strong, connected, caring, prosperous, healthy, vibrant, and safe communities – is not only being celebrated, but also – and more importantly – being encouraged. Much good will surely come of this!” Mary O’Neill (2018 Awardee) 

Celebrate with us – check out the 2021 changemakers and enjoy the second half of #shinethelightbc on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn through @bcachievement. 

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