2021 Community Awardees: Building legacies for a better BC

“I hope we each find inspiration in the work that we can do to make British Columbia a better place for future generations.”  Dom Bautista, 2020 Mitchell Award of Distinction Recipient 

From May 10 until June 4, BC Achievement is honoured to celebrate the remarkable 2021 Community Awardees who build better, stronger, more resilient communities and shine as examples of dedication and service. Through our social media #shinethelightbc campaign each of their respective stories will be showcased and shared leading the way for others to follow. 

We invite our followers to amplify these stories of British Columbians giving back in so many unique ways that inspire innovation in our province. Individuals who have dedicated themselves to the well-being of others–expanding hearts and changing lives along the way. While the stories may differ, each recipient has worked to foster strong, vibrant and inclusive communities.  

As community leaders and volunteers, their work serves as testimony to the power of the individual to create remarkable positive change. By shining a light on them, the 2021 Community Award elevates the spirit of engagement that thrives in British Columbia. 

BC Achievement programming creates authentic spaces, celebrations and relationships in which awardees have a voice, and are recognized and honoured. Their stories inspire others to use effort, skill and courage towards a better BC. 

Details on each of the 2021 Community Awardees can be found at bcachievement.com 

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Dr. Jane Jae Kyung Shin

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