Nominations build individual capacity and community 

Photo: 2022 IBA award recipient, Culture Shock Life, Andrea & Donna Cranmer

There’s no shortage of excellence in British Columbia. Bringing that excellence to the attention of the people of this province is the reason we exist. BC Achievement’s mission includes recognizing the accomplishments of individuals, groups and organizations in the areas of community leadership, applied art + design, First Nations art, Indigenous entrepreneurship and reconciliation.   

Nominators are key to the success of these programs – they are the ones who take the time to submit a nomination for an individual or business in their community. These nominations serve both the individual and the community by recognizing and celebrating the exceptional achievements and contributions made by individuals, motivating them to continue doing good work and inspiring others to follow suit.  

For the individual, being nominated for an award can be a significant source of validation, affirmation, and motivation. Recognition of their hard work and achievements can boost their confidence, leading to increased productivity and a sense of purpose. It can also provide a sense of belonging, as they become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about similar things.   

“We started our business trying to find ways to be self-sustainable. We come from a family that practices our traditional ways. When people come to Culture Shock, they become our friends. I think my gran would be really proud of us. It shows Indigenous women that it can be done.” Andrea and Donna Cranmer, Culture Shock Life, Alert Bay, 2022 IBA recipient. 

In addition to the benefits for the individual or the business, nominating for awards is also important for building a strong and supportive community. This recognition is particularly important in encouraging collaboration and promoting a culture of excellence. When people see their peers being acknowledged for their work, it can inspire them to aim higher and strive for excellence. This, in turn, creates a community of individuals who are motivated to work together towards common goals, promoting a sense of shared purpose. It’s like a ripple in the water, propelled forward by its source. 

By recognizing and celebrating exceptional work and contributions, we create a culture of excellence that inspires individuals to do their best and work towards common goals. The recognition of one awardee affects others, the impact rippling outward, building momentum while impacting countless lives.  

We salute the nominators. Keep on nominating, your work is building up individuals and communities. 


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