Culture Shock Life

Alert Bay, British Columbia

Andrea Cranmer and her sister Donna Cranmer are the owners of Culture Shock Life. Founded on a solid foundation of respect for ancestry and tradition, the gallery is 100% First Nations owned and operated and is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the ‘Namgis people. Located in Alert Bay, Culture Shock is an important cultural ‘hub’ of the community, selling a range of exquisite and affordable Indigenous designed and produced jewellery and wearable art while showcasing the award-winning films of its late co-founder (and sister to Andrea and Donna) Barb Cranmer.

Supporting and developing Indigenous artists and craftspeople drives the unique business of Culture Shock which also operates an intimate café welcoming and enabling visitors and locals to interact with the owners, staff and each other. Culture Shock creates the space for the understanding and sharing of Indigenous knowledge with all who visit, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, and with those who live in the area.


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We started our business trying to find ways to be self-sustainable. We come from a family that practices our traditional ways. When people come to Culture Shock, they become our friends. I think my gran would be really proud of us. It shows Indigenous women that it can be done.