Alternative spaces for artists

Alternative Spaces

Across the world people are practicing self-isolation and shifting how they interact with others. Thankfully artists are accustomed to being creative and finding unique ways to share their art with diverse audiences. 

More and more we see artists showcasing their work online through virtual exhibits and digital gatherings. They’re relying on social media platforms to help them sell their art exclusively online, shipping it to clients directly and therefore, maintaining physical distancing. 

There’s no substitute for the experience of a real-time live art show which allows intimate access to the fine lines of the brushstroke, the smell of a cedar carving, or the texture of a custom fabric. However, until we can gather together again, the remarkable tools of social media and online viewing will direct the art lover’s experience. 

There are lots of local artist talks and online galleries available to peruse while you’re at home–vancouver/art-exhibit/ 

Give your local artist some love and like and share their work. 

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