Impact on Indigenous businesses

Indigenous Business

A recent survey by Vancity reported that BC has the second-largest number or self-employed Indigenous workers in Canada, after Ontario with 21% of the national total. How has Covid-19 impacted this growing number of businesses? With a rapidly evolving situation, it’s hard to know how companies have been impacted but we do have a sense of how they’re adapting.

Updates from our Indigenous Business Award alumni show that many businesses are adapting to working from home. If you’re new to working remotely, you can have a look at this helpful list of tips for working from home compiled by Animikii, IBA awardee from 2019

Many artists are able to continue creating art at home and in their studios. Consultants are able to work remotely and provide services online to clients. And food-related businesses have been taking online order as well as sharing recipes on social media (thank you IBA award alumni, Mr. Bannock Foods). We also know that many businesses are struggling, and individuals are stressed. However, BC communities are coming together to support one another and collectively sharing achievements! If it’s within your budget, buy from a local business, order a gift care for future products, share posts from the business on your own social media feeds.

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