Yosef Wosk

Vancouver, British Columbia

When Dr. Yosef Wosk speaks, people listen. As an educator, Dr. Wosk inspires and engages. As a scholar, Dr. Wosk’s influence and contribution to initiatives that enhance our intellectual progress is almost unequalled. As a philanthropist, Dr. Wosk’s generosity is enormous. Dr. Wosk is an integral force as a leader in Continuing Education at Simon Fraser University, establishing creative programs like the Philosophers’ Café, a popular series of discussion gatherings in which more than 60,000 people have participated. Every day, Yosef Wosk demonstrates his passion for preserving and enhancing the intellectual and cultural life of the university, his city and his province. We honour Yosef Wosk today for the visions he sees, the actions he takes and the legacies he establishes.


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