Robert Anderson

Victoria, British Columbia
Stringed Musical Instrument Design

Master luthier Robert Anderson is committed to hand-building musical instruments that are objects of beauty. Constructed with the highest level of craft, Robert’s stringed instruments are designed to be sensitive to the player’s intent, with a sonority which can only be achieved by hand-building.

Robert follows the traditions of the old masters, using carefully selected and aged woods, hide glue and dovetail neck joints. For the best tone, he then French polishes each instrument. Over 25 years of instrument making has deepened his understanding of materials, acoustic design and hand-building methods, resulting in subtle, incremental changes which improve tone, volume and ergonomics.

In an age when cheap, factory-made instruments are overwhelming the market, Robert also instructs and mentors aspiring instrument builders in the tradition of luthiery, keeping alive the spirit of inquiry and skill development fundamental to the craft.

Robert feels fortunate to work in a field where he can create the tools that enable musicians to fully give expression to their art.

In recognition of his extraordinary and sustained accomplishments in Applied Art + Design in BC, Robert was selected to receive the Award of Distinction in 2022 as his achievements exemplify committed vision, innovative enterprise, passionate talent and are an inspiration to the artistic community and province. 


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In any applied arts field it takes a long time to build up the skills to make something that not only has a great aesthetic appeal but has functionality.