Lawrie Mack

Invermere, British Columbia

The Columbia Valley Food Bank (CVFB) is indebted to Lawrie Mack for his exceptional work in the local community. During his four-year tenure as chair, his leadership increased the organization’s profile, accessibility to services and inclusivity. The CVFB went from a small community organization to one with an active, engaged board and volunteer base. Lawrie instigated a delivery program to include more remote communities, reaching individuals and families who were previously unable to access services.

Lawrie was instrumental and highly involved in tackling another integral initiative – a new facility for CVFB. He took the lead in negotiating an agreement with the district to finance and build on land owned by the town. Lawrie wrote multiple grant proposals to cover building expenses, oversaw the hiring of a project manager to handle the construction, encouraged the provision of “in kind” donations from businesses and organizations, and became the face of the biggest project the CVFB had ever undertaken.


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I was truly honoured and humbled to be nominated for and receive the BC Achievement Community Award. The event was memorable in so many ways, not the least of which was meeting a group of remarkable British Columbians who have done so much for their communities. At the ceremony I thought of how many people give freely of their time to help make our world a better place to be for everyone. I also concluded that the award I received was as much a recognition of the great community effort by individuals and businesses in the Columbia Valley as it was of the individual.