Gary Thandi

Surrey, British Columbia

Gary Thandi is the founder and executive director of Moving Forward Family Services (MFFS). MFFS is a registered non-profit agency that provides low-barrier counselling to the most vulnerable people in our communities. Gary’s innovative model uses supervised counselling school recent grads and current intern counsellors to provide free and low-cost counselling services to people who may not be able to afford private therapy or qualify for public counselling. MFFS counsels between 1,500 to 2,200 people monthly and the cost to those individuals is negligible.

MFFS reflects Gary’s strong sense of community. He seeks partners who are from traditionally marginalized communities and offers services in over 30 different languages. Gary lives his ethos that “no one will be turned away”. An orientation toward fostering multiculturalism and accessibility is the foundation for this demonstration of service, inclusion, mentorship, philanthropy, and safe connections.


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