Dr. Vivian W. L. Tsang

Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. Vivian Tsang advocates for a world with equitable access to healthcare. Through her charity, the HOPE Initiative Foundation, Dr. Tsang has developed a platform for youth to get involved in community service that helps reduce stigma and healthcare barriers for vulnerable citizens in BC. Her creation of HOPE has engaged and trained over 3,000 BC youth eager to be changemakers who can make a difference. Dr. Tsang leverages these experiences to inspire others by speaking on topics from educational reform to stigmatization and the opioid overdose, to over 40,000 youth across Canada.

Prior to the municipal election, Dr. Tsang sat on the City of Vancouver’s Child Family and Youth Committee. She was chosen to Chair the Faculty of Medicine’s Policy Development Committee in 2018, developing a policy paper to advocate for increased resources for youth mental health to the provincial government. During the pandemic, Dr. Tsang also co-founded the BC COVID-19 Medical Student Response Team, a group that eventually expanded throughout Western Canada to mobilize thousands of medical students to assist with contact tracing, contactless delivery of medications for seniors, and the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.



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