Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd.

Williams Lake, British Columbia

Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. (CCR) is a joint venture company owned by the Tŝideldel First Nation and the Tl’etinqox Government. The company was originally designed as a vehicle to source funding and coordinate projects, relying on established local contractors to deliver the work, thus strengthening business relationships within the Chilcotin. The company’s vision is to promote First Nations involvement in the forest management of their traditional territories, rehabilitating damaged forest stands, and enhancing long-term health of forests for future generations. Through CCR, the two First Nations are focusing on achieving their mission to coordinate and implement large-scale programs and forest initiatives within their traditional territories, while generating employment for locals, and supporting the local economy.

The company first received funding from Forest Enhancement Society of BC to reduce wildfire risk and rehabilitate mountain pine beetle forests near Alexis Creek. CCR is now working on projects with Natural Resource Canada and the ‘2 Billion Trees’ program, as well as a Shell Canada Carbon Initiative project. CCR is also negotiating long-term silviculture contracts with local forest companies and is involved in the upcoming Landscape Planning initiative with the Province of B.C. Today, CCR is recognized as an innovative and collaborative organization, a catalyst for creating new economic opportunities and as a leader that has proven its reliability in carrying out large-scale forest rehabilitation work.


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We target the tree stands that no one else wants to target. We put a lot of people to work, man. Getting recognized puts us out there and we are happy to share and give back.