Cathy Terepocki

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Cathy Terepocki is a ceramicist whose practice is driven by innovation, process and material. She is interested in unconventional processes and crossing boundaries between different industries and artistic practices and so she is consistently researching, developing glazes and new techniques.

Practicing in Fraser Valley, Cathy has immersed herself in the community making connections and creating work that is strongly rooted and reflective of her natural surroundings. Her Chilliwack River Clay series was harvested with shovels and buckets from the local river and her current project includes making tiles from wild clay.

Cathy has had a diverse practice exhibiting, teaching, designing, and producing multiple collections of work, and she has exhibited internationally. The local clay research has opened up opportunities for community engagement and has allowed this ceramicist to create meaningful work and, in turn, contribute to the culture of the place she calls home.


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Making objects that have a story, that people can share, that people can pass on or gift to people, and talk about – I feel that elevates the objects and gives them a little bit more meaning.