Embracing Diversity: BC Achievement Award Programs 

Photo: BC Reconciliation Awardee, Dr. David Suzuki

The BC Achievement award programs cover a broad spectrum of accomplishments, reflecting the exceptional richness of talent within the province – celebrating those who are contributing to building stronger more engaged communities. 

These award programs recognize individuals, groups, and organizations for their outstanding skill, creativity, and contributions to the vibrant and diverse landscape of British Columbia. For a decade and a half, the Indigenous Business Award program has recognized and celebrated the accomplishments of Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses, fostering economic growth and resilience in Indigenous communities. 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art program and the Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design shine a spotlight on the vibrant world of artistry and design. These award programs acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skill, creativity, and cultural impact, contributing to the thriving artistic landscape in British Columbia. 

The Community Award is a testament to the strength that lies within the heart of communities. It is a celebration of those individuals who, through their selflessness and dedication, make a tangible and positive impact on the lives of others. This award recognizes the unsung heroes whose contributions range from community development and social welfare to environmental sustainability and cultural preservation. 

By embracing diversity, the Community Award ensures that the collective achievements of communities across British Columbia are celebrated. It is an acknowledgment that our province is woven together by the unique stories and efforts of individuals from all walks of life. 

The BC Reconciliation Award is a beacon of hope and progress, acknowledging those who actively contribute to fostering understanding and unity with Indigenous peoples. It recognizes initiatives and individuals who are dedicated to building bridges, mending historical divides, and creating spaces for dialogue and collaboration. 

Embracing diversity in the context of the Reconciliation Award means acknowledging the many narratives, cultures, and perspectives that make up the landscape of British Columbia. It is a recognition that reconciliation is an ongoing journey that involves contributions from people of all backgrounds and experiences. 

The diversity of BC Achievement’s award programs and their respective recipients, showcase achievements which reflect the rich diversity of the province. Presenting stories of challenges, struggles and successes allows others to see themselves, be inspired and take the lead in creating positive change in their own homes, their communities, and in their own professional realms. 

BC Achievement: Elevate Excellence. Share Success. Inspire Change.

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