Nurturing First Nations Art through film 

Photo: Xwalacktun, 2023 Award of Distinction recipient, Polygon Award in First Nations Art

First Nations peoples are storytellers and so it’s an incredible honour for BC Achievement to showcase the stories of BC’s talented First Nations artists and share them through film. 

Since 2006, BC Achievement has produced a film for each artist who has received the First Nations Art recognition (that’s almost 100 artists over 17 years!). The foundation’s film-maker travels to the artist’s home, studio and community to create a short film capturing their practices and influences. 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art program honours BC artists for excellence in traditional and contemporary First Nations Art. Whether the medium is carving, painting, beading, or basket weaving, to name a few, each of the awardees has their stories preserved as part of their recipient experience. 

Exceptional First Nations artists, emerging, mid-career or those who have contributed a lifetime of achievement, have been celebrated mastering their respective practices. 

The award program serves as a testament to the pivotal role of art in First Nations culture. Watching these films provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the narratives of First Nations artists, gaining an intimate understanding of the stories, techniques, and inspirations that shape their creations. The films are a celebration of cultural resilience, artistic brilliance, and the timeless connection between First Nations communities and their creative heritage. 

The films serve as inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts alike, as well as serving as a teaching tool for classrooms, young students and those who want to understand the significance of First Nations art, fostering cross-cultural understanding which helps to break down stereotypes. 

Witnessing the innovative ways in which First Nations artists merge tradition with contemporary techniques can spark creativity and encourage a more inclusive approach to artistic expression. 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art films are easily accessible on BC Achievement’s YouTube channel. This platform ensures widespread availability, allowing audiences from all backgrounds to engage with these culturally enriching narratives. Encourage friends, family, and followers to visit the channel, watch the films, and share the experience on social media to amplify the reach and impact of these visual stories.

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