2022 Indigenous Business Award​

To spread the news about the 2022 Indigenous Business Award (IBA) program and Call for Nominations, please: 

  1. Use our key messages for social media or emails (suggestions included below)
  2. Download the branded graphics from the social media assets folder
  3. Include the hashtag #nominatenowbc
  4. Please tag BC Achievement (handles included below)

Key Dates:

Nominations open: June 1, 2022
Nominations closed: June 30, 2022
Awardees Announced: October 2022
Gala Dinner & Presentation Ceremony: November 2022

Social Media Handles:

IG @bcachievement
TW @bcachievement
FB @BCAchievementFoundation
FB @BCIndigenousBusiness
LI @BCAchievementFoundation
YouTube @BritishColumbiaAchievementFoundation