Riley McFerrin

Riley McFerrin, the visionary founder of Hinterland Design, has an extraordinary ability to transform natural materials into enduring, functional pieces of art and his talents have reshaped the industry. His deep understanding of the interplay between design, materials, and end users shines through in every creation.

For over a decade, Riley has consistently demonstrated his commitment to crafting furniture and lighting that showcases the beauty of natural materials, resulting in aesthetically pleasing, durable works that evolve gracefully over time. Each piece emerging from Hinterland Design reflects a blend of creative vision and honed craftsmanship, a rare fusion in today’s design landscape.

Riley’s meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of user experience ensure that his pieces not only withstand the test of time but also enhance the lives of those who engage with them. Beyond mastering woodworking, he serves as an inspiration for fellow craftsmen and artisans, seamlessly blending artistry, sustainability, and functionality in products that stand apart in the industry.

Marie Khouri, AOD

Renowned sculptor Marie Khouri’s work is a profound exploration of identity, belonging, and connection, blending traditional sculpting techniques with contemporary materials and innovative construction methods.

Born in Egypt and raised in Lebanon, Marie’s artistic journey mirrors her personal odyssey, reflecting themes of movement, community, and unity. Her unique immigrant perspective, cultivated during years spent across Europe before settling in Canada, resonates with diverse audiences, fostering a sense of togetherness through her sculptural creations.

With a background as a language interpreter and formal sculpture education at the prestigious L’Ecole du Louvre in Paris, Marie continually draws from the power of language to forge new connections through her art. Her work straddles the boundary between art and design, embracing the principles of form and function akin to the modernist ethos epitomized by the Bauhaus School.

Over the past two decades, Marie’s artwork has graced exhibitions across Europe and North America, and she has left an indelible mark with over 25 public sculptures in Canada and abroad, alongside numerous large-scale pieces held in private collections worldwide. Marie’s collaborative spirit shines as she collaborates closely with developers, architects, and community stakeholders to craft sculptures that authentically reflect and enhance the communities they inhabit.

Bridget Catchpole

Bridget Catchpole, a celebrated multidisciplinary artist renowned for her exceptional contemporary art jewellery, has garnered widespread recognition for her innovative work in the realm of wearable art. With a distinct artistic vision, Bridget stands out as a pioneer in the use of single-use plastics and marine debris, addressing critical issues such as material exploitation, consumerism, and climate change through her artistry.

Bridget’s art is truly transformative, demonstrating her unique ability to elevate everyday objects into captivating one-of-a-kind adornments. She consistently seeks inspiration through collaborations with esteemed international contemporary artists, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Her recent achievements include various Canada Council for the Arts grants to support her recent body of work, Stages of Healing, a solo exhibition in Montréal, and an international artist residency in Athens, Greece, underscoring her contributions to British Columbia’s cultural economy. Bridget’s work implicitly speaks to the human condition, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity and urgently calling for a re-evaluation of our relationship with discarded materials. Her creative vision not only celebrates her artistic passion but also serves as a powerful reminder of the pressing issues facing our world today.

Kate Metten

Kate Metten‘s pottery is a testament to intuition and muscle memory found within each unique piece. An exceptional commitment and dedication to her craft have made her an emerging artistic force in the world of ceramics.

Her journey as a potter is characterized by her one-of-a-kind ceramics that resonate with spirit and soul. Her vessels, masterfully thrown and intricately glazed, are prized by a growing clientele for their exquisite craftsmanship. What sets Kate apart is her ability to infuse the ordinary with the extraordinary, transforming everyday objects into iconic art pieces.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Kate’s contributions to the cultural economy are noteworthy. She runs an atelier bridging the gap between artist and audience. Kate’s impact on the cultural economy extends beyond her own creations. She conducts workshops, mentors students, and curates exhibitions, providing emerging potters and craftspeople with exposure and opportunities. Her success becomes a legacy by which she passes on her knowledge and passion, inspired by the mentors who guided her own journey.

Kate is the third recipient of the Judson Beaumont Emerging Artist designation, named in honour of the late BC-based furniture designer.

Robert Anderson

Master luthier Robert Anderson is committed to hand-building musical instruments that are objects of beauty. Constructed with the highest level of craft, Robert’s stringed instruments are designed to be sensitive to the player’s intent, with a sonority which can only be achieved by hand-building.

Robert follows the traditions of the old masters, using carefully selected and aged woods, hide glue and dovetail neck joints. For the best tone, he then French polishes each instrument. Over 25 years of instrument making has deepened his understanding of materials, acoustic design and hand-building methods, resulting in subtle, incremental changes which improve tone, volume and ergonomics.

In an age when cheap, factory-made instruments are overwhelming the market, Robert also instructs and mentors aspiring instrument builders in the tradition of luthiery, keeping alive the spirit of inquiry and skill development fundamental to the craft.

Robert feels fortunate to work in a field where he can create the tools that enable musicians to fully give expression to their art.

In recognition of his extraordinary and sustained accomplishments in Applied Art + Design in BC, Robert was selected to receive the Award of Distinction in 2022 as his achievements exemplify committed vision, innovative enterprise, passionate talent and are an inspiration to the artistic community and province. 

Louise Perrone

UK born Louise Perrone never intended to become a jeweller or a Canadian. However, three years after visiting Canada she graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewellery and Metals and was awarded the Governor General of Canada’s Academic Medal.

Now, twenty years later, her textile jewellery explores issues of gender, labour, and sustainability by combining goldsmithing traditions with hand-sewing. Using materials derived from domestic and industrial textile and plastic waste, Louise’s work involves altering plastic objects and enveloping them in fabric, inviting a consideration of what jewelry can conceal and reveal about the maker, the wearer, and ourselves.

Louise’s work has been shown in numerous local, national, and international exhibitions, including solo and two-person shows at the Craft Council of BC, and group exhibitions featured in New York City Jewelry Week, JOYA Barcelona, and Athens Jewellery Week.

Louise is passionate about teaching her skills to others and works as an instructor in the Jewellery programs at LaSalle College Vancouver and Vancouver Community College. She’s also motivated to create opportunities for artists to thrive and has given back to her community by serving in leadership positions with various artist and craft organizations.


Cathy Terepocki

Cathy Terepocki is a ceramicist whose practice is driven by innovation, process and material. She is interested in unconventional processes and crossing boundaries between different industries and artistic practices and so she is consistently researching, developing glazes and new techniques.

Practicing in Fraser Valley, Cathy has immersed herself in the community making connections and creating work that is strongly rooted and reflective of her natural surroundings. Her Chilliwack River Clay series was harvested with shovels and buckets from the local river and her current project includes making tiles from wild clay.

Cathy has had a diverse practice exhibiting, teaching, designing, and producing multiple collections of work, and she has exhibited internationally. The local clay research has opened up opportunities for community engagement and has allowed this ceramicist to create meaningful work and, in turn, contribute to the culture of the place she calls home.

Caine Heintzman

Lighting designer Caine Heintzman has always been curious about the materiality and fabrication of the objects and equipment that allow him to enjoy the natural environment as an outdoors enthusiast. He found himself naturally inclined to industrial design as he’s inspired by ritual and everyday useful objects that help improve people’s lives.

Having studied and trained at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, lighting became one of his very early interests. Caine is now one of three co-founders of ANDlight, a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer. He applies rigorous material research, technical know-how and an understanding of lighting technology to an artful practice.

Caine’s lighting designs communicate how functional art objects can become economic commodities as well as affective agents in the circulation and amplification of ideas imbued with cultural meaning.

Borrowing from a philosophy of “design as art,” Caine’s designs enrich the landscape of creative expression emerging from British Columbia.

In 2022, the Judson Beaumont Emerging Artist designation, named in honour of the late BC-based furniture designer, was presented to Caine Heintzman, co-founder of ANDlight, a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer.