Totem Design House

Courtenay, British Columbia

Totem Design House (TDH) stands as a trailblazing exemplar at the crossroads of Indigenous heritage and eco-conscious entrepreneurship. Founded in 2014 by Erin Brillon, an advocate for her Haida and Cree cultures, TDH has evolved from a modest start into a vibrant force. Rooted in Indigenous values, TDH is committed to crafting locally made, culturally authentic products that not only celebrate Northwest Coast art but also educate the wider world about Indigenous culture.   

Erin’s commitment goes beyond commerce. As a social enterprise, TDH is dedicated to giving back to Indigenous communities. Through Copper Legacy Indigenous Empowerment Society, the company supports a range of projects and programs. TDH’s commitment to empowerment is evident in its exclusive employment of Indigenous staff and its focus on mentorship, with Erin taking a proactive role in coaching and supporting fellow Indigenous business owners.   

By preserving cultural heritage, promoting eco-friendly practices, and empowering Indigenous communities, TDH stands as a beacon of responsible business practices. Erin’s visionary leadership and the team’s creative synergy have propelled TDH from a modest home-based enterprise to a dynamic and impactful force, leading the intersection of Indigenous art, environmentalism and socio-cultural empowerment.   


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