Top of the Line Catering

Burns Lake, British Columbia

Top of the Line Catering evolved from a home-based business to a catering company serving the larger area known as the Lakes District. Owners, Carmen Charlie and Shauna Alec trained at the Dubrulle Art Institute of Vancouver before moving back home to Burns Lake to partner up, and start the business they named Top of the Line Catering. Since then, Top of the Line Catering has bridged many artificial lines in their community thanks to their talents and ability to engage employees. Prior to COVID-19, Top of the Line Catering filled a gap in the community enabling it to host large events such as the Lake Babine General Assembly, BC Community Forest AGM, Aboriginal Days and BC Bike Ride during which Carmen and Shaun were able to showcase Indigenous cuisine to riders from across the globe. Top of the Line Catering is adapting its service model and future plans include opening a store front cafe.


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