Thunderbird RV Park & Cottage Resort

Campbell River, British Columbia

Thunderbird RV (TBRV) Park and Cottage Resort is a community-owned business operated by Wei Wai Kum Nation at its picturesque seaside location in Campbell River. For over 40 years, TBRV Park and Cottage Resort has provided year-round accommodations, and now features 95 fully serviced RV sites including spacious big rig friendly pull-through and ocean view sites. The addition of four beautifully appointed cottages each with private hot tubs and amazing views has created a whole new market for tourists. The cottages are set up in a small village type setting overlooking the Campbell River Estuary in an area called TL’A DEECE which means ‘Where the fresh water meets the salt water’ and each cottage is adorned with carvings created by local artists to reflect the name of each cottage. TBRV Park and Cottage Resort offers a distinct cultural opportunity for people from all over the word and has become a premium go-to vacation destination for guests resulting in increased employment opportunities and revenue for the Wei Wai Kum Nation.


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