The Ballantyne Project

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Dwight Ballantyne is the driving force behind The Ballantyne Project: a youth-led initiative bridging the awareness gap between Indigenous communities and the rest of Canada while sparking social consciousness. Growing up in challenging circumstances in a northern First Nation in Saskatchewan for 21 years, Dwight’s relocation to BC in 2016 opened his eyes to the widespread lack of knowledge about life on First Nations reserves.  

Launched in 2019, The Ballantyne Project was driven by his wish to inspire Indigenous youth in remote First Nations to pursue dreams and share their stories. The #WeSeeYou campaign was initiated to amplify voices from remote communities, breaking the invisibility barrier. Initially the project partnered with other organizations to establish an Entrepreneurship Program and has since evolved to hosting Indigenous youth from remote Indigenous communities during a twice-annual, week-long #WeSeeYou trip to Vancouver for an educational and life experience opportunity as one of the initiatives of the #WeSeeYou campaign.  

Despite pandemic disruptions, Dwight adapted by delivering virtual presentations to schools and organizations nationwide, using his personal life experiences to raise awareness. His authenticity and vulnerability in sharing his story proved transformative. Dwight envisions expanding The Ballantyne Project’s impact through employing Indigenous youth and collaborating with an ever-growing team. With unyielding commitment, Dwight plans to expand his outreach, fostering connections with diverse communities and organizations. His journey, from a remote community to a beacon of change, highlights the power of shared narratives in transforming societal perceptions. 


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