Teara Fraser

Richmond, British Columbia

Teara Fraser, founder and CEO of Iskwew Air, embodies inspired leadership in every aspect of her life. Her remarkable path mirrors the resilience and tenacity defining Indigenous entrepreneurs. From her 2012 IBA recognition for Kîsik Aerial Survey Inc. to spearheading Canada’s first 100% Indigenous woman-owned airline, Teara shatters industry norms, empowering Indigenous women to overcome barriers and develop economic independence. In a bold move, Teara founded an aerotech venture, elibird aero, in January 2023, aiming to be one of Canada’s first all-electric flight training units spanning electric and hydrogen technologies, immersive flight and maintenance training, RPAS (remote piloted aircraft systems) and airspace integration, digital transformation, and battery infrastructure. 

Teara’s industry leadership extends to improving access to remote Indigenous communities and promoting responsible land stewardship. Her efforts open doors of opportunity for Indigenous youth, dismantling traditional stereotypes and nurturing careers in aviation and entrepreneurship. Engaged for over a decade with the British Columbia Aviation Council and serving as a Board Director for Aerial Evolution formerly Unmanned Systems Canada, Teara’s influence extends further as she sits on the Board of Directors for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. As a proud Métis woman, Teara is a bridge builder, igniting inspiration among the next generation of women through her work as the founder of the LIFT Collective while simultaneously empowering Indigenous communities worldwide. Her multifaceted leadership is a resounding testament to her commitment to fostering positive change. 


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