Suresh Kurl

Richmond, British Columbia

For over four decades Suresh Kurl has connected with his fellow British Columbians through his articles and essays on culture, equality, justice, and faith. These pieces have appeared in the Vancouver Sun, Province, Huffington Post, Georgia Straight, Richmond News, Link Newspaper, and Darpan, Mehfil, Aaj magazines amongst others. His energy and drive have contributed to improved understanding and dialogue, in the areas of citizenship, multiculturalism, race relations, and interfaith harmony.

A community builder, Suresh presents in forums where he shares his unique and rich experiences and challenges his audiences to adopt oneness rather than otherness. Until recently he was an active member of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, and he remains a regular contributor to and participant in the annual Raise Your Hands Against Racism event. At 81, Suresh is a member of the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act, assembled July 2020.


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As a recipient of the Community Award, I feel recognized, honoured, valued and encouraged to continue to do what I have been doing for decades. The majority of people when they depart this life, they leave material goods behind. I wish to leave my life experiences and thoughts to help the coming generation to help them walk on a spiritually purified selfless path of service.