Stephanie Quon

Vancouver, British Columbia

Stephanie Quon is a forward-thinking engineering student at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She founded The Sprouts Initiative in 2017, a community initiative focused on pillars of accessibility, sustainability, and community. Since its inception she has acted as the executive director of The Sprouts Initiative, raising a stunning $670,000 in funding for community projects. This work includes spearheading over 80 national community service projects and leading a team of over 300 volunteers and student leaders.

To date The Sprouts Initiative has donated over 12,000 meals to local shelters, distributed 13,000 pieces of interactive art around the world and assembled 5,500 care packages. Accessibility is a priority for Stephanie, and through The Sprouts Initiative she has supported dozens of projects in the community including installing power doors at a hospital and supplying students in need with accessible technology. Through her work with UBC Women in Engineering she has also taken on the role of event organizing and fostering STEM events for young people in addition to logging hundreds of hours as a Crisis-Line volunteer.


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It is an incredible honour and privilege to receive a BC Achievement Community Award. The award has reaffirmed my interests in community service, sustainability, and accessibility and the incredible work of those I am surrounded by. I think it is important to recognize excellence in community service as it helps to increase engagement and foster pride and collaboration in our communities.