Spencer van Vloten

Vancouver, British Columbia

Spencer van Vloten is the force behind BCDisability.com, a website that helps persons with disabilities, and their allies, connect with resources and support. Through BCDisability, Spencer has allowed thousands of British Columbians to access vital information to promote physical and mental well-being, locate funding for assistive devices, and find adapted youth programs, childcare, and education. For the past two decades Spencer has mentored youth and young adults in the community. Each year he hires a young person with a developmental disability as an intern providing them with fully paid work experience. He has also been a visible and vocal advocate serving as the chair of Community Living BC’s Vancouver Council.

A nationally published author, Spencer writes on community inclusion- one compelling piece led to the City of Vancouver declaring October as Community Inclusion Month. Spencer’s latest endeavour is the Vancouver Community Pocketbook, a printed guide of local resources, tips and interviews to help people overcome barriers to finding community support. The book is distributed at no cost by over a dozen organizations serving underrepresented community members.


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