Riley McFerrin

Vancouver, British Columbia
Furniture & Lighting

Riley McFerrin, the visionary founder of Hinterland Design, has an extraordinary ability to transform natural materials into enduring, functional pieces of art and his talents have reshaped the industry. His deep understanding of the interplay between design, materials, and end users shines through in every creation.

For over a decade, Riley has consistently demonstrated his commitment to crafting furniture and lighting that showcases the beauty of natural materials, resulting in aesthetically pleasing, durable works that evolve gracefully over time. Each piece emerging from Hinterland Design reflects a blend of creative vision and honed craftsmanship, a rare fusion in today’s design landscape.

Riley’s meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of user experience ensure that his pieces not only withstand the test of time but also enhance the lives of those who engage with them. Beyond mastering woodworking, he serves as an inspiration for fellow craftsmen and artisans, seamlessly blending artistry, sustainability, and functionality in products that stand apart in the industry.


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