Nupqu Resource Limited Partnership

Cranbrook, British Columbia

Nupqu Resource Limited Partnership (Nupqu) specializes in natural resource management consulting and contracting services within the Ktunaxa Traditional Territory. Nupqu (the Ktunaxa word for black bear) is proudly owned by all communities of the Ktunaxa Nation. From vegetation management and invasive plant control, to full-scale forestry development, wildfire risk mitigation, water science, fisheries, archeology and native plants, Nupqu is a trusted advisor to its clients which range from resource-based industrial clients to the provincial government to local communities. Nupqu provides first aid medics and emergency transportation vehicles, and an experienced prime contractor oversees construction site safety, procurement, and project management. With offices in Cranbrook and Fernie, Nupqu offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for Ktunaxa Nation members and non-Ktunaxa citizens.


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