Noeleen McQuary

Vanderhoof, BC, British Columbia
Carrier Nadleh Whut’en

Noeleen McQuary, who resides on the shore of Fraser Lake, is a master basket maker working with birch bark and spruce roots. Noeleen learned this ancient art form of the Interior Dakelh from her mother and grandmother who instilled in her the spiritual principles related to the harvesting and making of baskets. Among Noeleen’s accomplishments is the building of an 18-foot birch bark canoe, now part of the McLeod Lake Band Cultural Centre and one currently under construction funded through the Aboriginal Arts Development Awards to teach youth the traditional art form of birch bark canoe making. Noeleen is committed to educating others, including her daughter, about her craft and its historical traditions. Noeleen has created baskets for many galleries and private collectors.


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