M'i nuw'ilum DBA Cheanuh Marina

Sooke, British Columbia

Operated by the Sc’ianew First Nation, M’i nuw’ilum DBA Cheanuh Marina has two distinct narratives that are united by a commitment to community building. Since the 1970’s the marina has been at the heart of the Beecher Bay community. As the region’s population grew, the marina expanded to include 365 berths, a gas bar, convenience store, and restaurant. The operation continues to be an important revenue-generating enterprise that provides jobs in the community while acting as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

The second chapter of the marina’s story emerges from Sc’ianew First Nations urgent mission to protect the marine resources that have nourished coastal peoples since time immemorial. Part proactive business development, part conservation, and part reconciliation, the Nation has taken the lead on several partnerships to enhance marine shipping safety in the Salish Sea and establish a spill response base at Beecher Bay. Early construction commenced in 2020 with a spill response base that will significantly lower spill response times for the local area. Continued partnerships bring a fleet of spill response vessels, including tugs used for escort towage that have been honoured with the names of two elders of the Sc’ianew community.


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