Meeka Morgan

Ashcroft, British Columbia

Meeka Morgan has given thousands of hours volunteering as the founding Artistic Director of Tl’kemtsin 2 Rivers Remix (2RMX), BC’s first Indigenous-led festival of contemporary Indigenous music and culture. Under Meeka’s guidance, 2RMX has become one of the largest all-Indigenous contemporary music festivals in Canada. 2RMX has remained a free, grassroots event reflecting the diversity of all Nations, and to date more than 100 Indigenous artists have been showcased.

In 2021, a fire destroyed much of the festival site, along with homes and equipment. Meeka persevered and delivered the 2RMX Movable Feast, an Indigenized re-imagining of cultural presentation that enables small Indigenous communities to actively participate in creating their own local cultural events with the support of 2RMX. The Movable Feast collaborated in 2022 with eight different small Indigenous communities to showcase local artists alongside national award-winning Indigenous artists. Meeka’s passion for music and community link back to her own band, The Melawmen Collective, and her master’s thesis that investigated how the Secwepemc people maintained a sense of family in the 1950s and 1960s despite residential schools.


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Receiving the award made me realize what it actually takes to achieve, what it truly means, and how it has shaped my life. My motto for quite some time is 'someone's gotta do it'! I was raised with a strong ethic of service to my people and community, and although often it can be challenging, it is something that doesn't only deplete you, but fills you up as well.